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    Five Surprising Things That Can Be Recycled

    With the importance of green habits increasing, recycling is what most people look to first. Here are some unusual things that can be recycled that you have probably just been throwing away:

    1. Old Shoes- Nike has made a practice of taking any old shoes, regardless of brand or condition, and ripping them apart. The pieces are sorted into foam, rubber, and fabric. The material is used for sport and recreational surfaces.

    2. Egg Cartons- Most people are unaware that egg cartons are actually recyclable! To find if other product casings are Read More

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    Businesses You Didn’t Know Were Green

    It’s almost an unspoken consensus that when one tries to envision a corporation or a business that images of ecological devastation come to mind. It seems like a natural consecution seeing as how many companies are infamous because of their inattention to environmental issues. Although there are a number of companies that deserve this reputation, there are indeed plenty that are trying to help keep the planet in good shape. Some of these may come as a surprise. Here’s a list of three companies that you didn’t know were Read More

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    Clever Ways To Green Your Car

    Regular Maintenance

    Ok, this one isn’t clever, but it is vitally important. Keeping your car maintained will increase your fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Additionally, regular maintenance will keep your car on the road many years longer.

    Don’t Fly Your Flag

    You may be passionate about your local sports team, but those window mounted flags are devastating to your car’s aerodynamics. The additional drag will reduce your fuel efficiency, burning more gas and pumping more emissions into the atmosphere.

    Make Read More

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    How Going Green Can Save You Money

    Going green is great for the environment, but it can also help your wallet a bit, too. Yes, going green in your home can help save you money each year; meaning you’ll have more cash to spend on all the environmentally-conscious goodies you want. Below you will find ways in which the green movement is also leading to economic freedom for many who adopt some green habits.

    Non-toxic, effective cleaning products can be made right in your home at a cost of about 75 less than traditional cleaning products. In many cases, the products are sitting right in your Read More

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    Online Tools To Help You Measure Your Environmental Impact

    A person’s environmental impact is not easy to determine. Personal behaviors, driving habits, heating/cooling preferences, recycling habits, and other factors determine how much the environment is affected by someone.

    The Nature Conservatory and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can estimate environmental impact. Both feature online calculators that estimate environmental impact that you and, if applicable, your family has. Several variables are prominent in these (and other) tests. Residence type is important. For example, heating/cooling requirements of an apartment within a large building would be different Read More

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