Regular Maintenance

Ok, this one isn’t clever, but it is vitally important. Keeping your car maintained will increase your fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Additionally, regular maintenance will keep your car on the road many years longer.

Don’t Fly Your Flag

You may be passionate about your local sports team, but those window mounted flags are devastating to your car’s aerodynamics. The additional drag will reduce your fuel efficiency, burning more gas and pumping more emissions into the atmosphere.

Make Friends

Carpooling is the greenest driving practice in the world. Find someone you can tolerate at work, or the gym, and ride together. You’ll immediately cut your driving in half. And if you like the person or people you carpool with, it turns a boring drive into fun social time.

Window Dressing

Weather permitting, roll down your windows and turn off your A/C. This trick works at city speeds; on the highway, the additional air drag offsets any gains from using less engine power.

Don’t Be Idle

Idling is a terrible gas waster. If you are going to be idle for more than 30 seconds, turn off the car.
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