It’s almost an unspoken consensus that when one tries to envision a corporation or a business that images of ecological devastation come to mind. It seems like a natural consecution seeing as how many companies are infamous because of their inattention to environmental issues. Although there are a number of companies that deserve this reputation, there are indeed plenty that are trying to help keep the planet in good shape. Some of these may come as a surprise. Here’s a list of three companies that you didn’t know were green, courtesy of Fortune.

We tend to think of cars as a primary contributor to global warming. This view is widespread enough for it to be conceivable that it inspired the Japanese auto-maker Honda to be the most fuel efficient maker of generally available cars in the United States

If car companies are seen through a negative viewpoint, imagine the sort of stigma oil companies place. Subsequent environmental disasters have left the industry with quite a stain on its image. Which is why it may be surprising that the Canadian oil company, Suncor, is considered green. The reason comes from how it does business. Suncor is one of the few companies to take the time and recourses to understand the impact of each project before initiating it.

The California company rounds out our trifecta of paradoxically green companies. Energy companies traditionally supply their power to the consumers through burning coal. PG&E have made it so that a whopping 56 of the energy they provide come from non-greenhouse-gas-emiting sources.