With the importance of green habits increasing, recycling is what most people look to first. Here are some unusual things that can be recycled that you have probably just been throwing away:

1. Old Shoes- Nike has made a practice of taking any old shoes, regardless of brand or condition, and ripping them apart. The pieces are sorted into foam, rubber, and fabric. The material is used for sport and recreational surfaces.

2. Egg Cartons- Most people are unaware that egg cartons are actually recyclable! To find if other product casings are recyclable, simply look for a recycling symbol somewhere on the product.Want more? Click here/tag

3. Tennis Balls- A company called ReBounce has perfected the business of re-inflating tennis balls. Although they are not “inflated” in the same way as other sport balls, they lose their bounce as time goes on, but now they don’t need to be thrown away!

4. Christmas Lights- There are several companies that will take your old Christmas lights that no longer work. The Christmas lights are broken down into their baser components and are recycled individually.

5. Bras- Recycled bras are donated to homeless sheltered or shipped overseas. Bras that are too damaged and worn and broken down and used as insulation materials.